Sunday, 17 September 2017

Endure Dynafit Trail

My next big target was Stranda fjord trail race in Norway in the middle of August. After the disappointment of Ennerdale there was nothing to do but knuckle down and train for Stranda. This went well in July and I managed 225km / 6000hm for the month (admittedly Strava does tend to overestimate ascent).

My warm-up race this time was Endure Dynafit Trail in Odsherred, West Zealand. Again, there were longer options (50km and 100km), but I opted for the 25km. I convinced my running pal, Anders, to enter too, and it was good with some company for the trip. 

After rain in the last two races, it was nice to see a bit of sun at the start of the race, although the forecast was very changeable with a chance of shower or two. The start seemed fast to me, I felt that I ought to be in good form but I felt that I was struggling to stay in the group I found myself in – the group after the leading group – but perhaps I just needed a couple of weeks to taper before Norway. 

    That's me in the yellow vest!
The route was great, even if the route marking was a little lacking one or two places! It was incredibly varied – sandy beach, rocky beach, grassy downland, woods, and with some steep climbs including Zealands 3rd highest point, Vejrhøj, and a total of about 500hm. 

Compared to the Firkløver trail in June, it was a tough race over harder terrain, but in the end I managed a very satisfying 9th place (of 70 starters) in 2:29:11. I was just behind Frank Ahrens who, overtaking me, said ‘Wasn’t it you who took my bronze medal at Julsø Ultra?’ Fair enough that he had a little revenge.

The sun was shining again when we had finished, so it was a fine finish to the day with a dip in the sea.

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